February 2024

The Road Ahead: A Guide to Kenya’s Tolling Expansion and its Impact on Real Estate 

Discover the intricate legal frameworks governing Kenya's proposed road tolling expansion, poised to reshape infrastructure financing. Delve into the classification of roads, from strategic Class-A corridors to important Class-B routes, and understand their role in national development. Uncover the government's tolling framework, highlighting its revenue generation strategies and regulatory mechanisms. As stakeholders assess the potential impacts, from infrastructure enhancements to socioeconomic considerations, a nuanced understanding of tolling's implications becomes paramount.

Building Dreams, Battling Costs: Navigating Kenya’s Construction Conundrum  

Kenya's construction industry brims with promise, yet grapples with soaring costs hindering progress. Explore the factors fueling this conundrum, from volatile raw material prices to cumbersome land acquisition processes. Learn how streamlined regulations, incentivized eco-friendly practices, and public-private partnerships offer a path toward affordable, sustainable development.

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