Procedure in Registering a Deed Poll in Kenya

Procedure in Registering a Deed Poll in Kenya

Letter from the Area Chief

You shall be required to obtain a letter from your area Chief, confirming that he knows you and your residence and that you are a citizen of Kenya.

Finger Print-Out

This is required for purposes of registration of the deed poll below.  You should obtain this in person from the Registrar of Persons.

Deed Poll and Affidavit

In order to effect the change of name, you shall be required to execute a statutory declaration/ affidavit and a deed poll, which shall be prepared by ourselves. In the affidavit, certified true copies of your current birth certificate, ID Card, PIN Certificate and Passport shall require to be annexed.

In the deed poll, you shall firmly state that you abandon the use of your former names and adopt your new name. It shall also emphatically state that from the date thereof, you authorize all persons to address you by your new name and not your former name.

The deed poll with the statutory declaration attached will require to be registered with the Registrar of Documents.

Moreover, we shall require an Affidavit sworn by someone who has known you for a period of at least ten (10) years as well as a certified copy of their ID card.


After the registration of the deed poll, the change of your name will be gazetted in the Kenya Gazette by the Registrar of Persons.

Application of the New ID Card

After gazettment of your change of name, you shall be required to apply for a new ID Card, and after this you will be issued with a  waiting card which will be used in following up on the issuance of the new ID card.

Rectification of Name on the Passport

In undertaking the rectification of the name in your passport, we shall need the following documents:-

  • Original Deed Poll duly registered;
  • Affidavit to affirm name;
  • Copy of your passport; and
  • Certified copy of the Gazette Notice.

Time Frame

The above procedure shall be completed within three (3) weeks of lodging the necessary documentation with the Registrar of Documents at the Ministry of Lands.

The new ID Card will be issued within 30-90 days after application.

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