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Building Dreams, Battling Costs: Navigating Kenya’s Construction Conundrum  

Kenya's construction industry brims with promise, yet grapples with soaring costs hindering progress. Explore the factors fueling this conundrum, from volatile raw material prices to cumbersome land acquisition processes. Learn how streamlined regulations, incentivized eco-friendly practices, and public-private partnerships offer a path toward affordable, sustainable development.

The Roadmap to Building Plans and Permits in Kenya: Your Simplified Guide 

Embark on a simplified journey through Kenya's building permit maze. From survey plans to site inspections, our guide demystifies the complex approval process. Uncover the challenges and the need for streamlining, highlighting the pivotal roles of stakeholders. Join us in shaping a future where legal compliance, safety, and sustainability define Kenya's thriving property sector.

Your Home, Your Sanctuary: Understanding Tenants’ Rights to Quiet Enjoyment 

Your sanctuary deserves serenity! Uncover the legal cornerstone of quiet enjoyment, empowering tenants to live undisturbed in their rental havens. From defining the concept to tackling unreasonable noise, this article guides you through avenues to protect your peace. Assert your rights, initiate open communication, document disturbances, and explore legal remedies if needed. Dive into the delicate balance between tenant rights and landlord responsibilities for a harmonious and tranquil home.

Charting the Course to Property Ownership: Mortgages vs. Personal Loans 

Unlock the secrets of property financing in Kenya as we delve into the distinctions between mortgages and personal loans. Discover the advantages and trade-offs, from the security of property-backed mortgages with lower interest rates to the flexibility of unsecured personal loans. Whether you're eyeing a dream home or considering a fixer-upper, understanding the legal, financial, and practical aspects empowers you to navigate the diverse landscape of property investment. Your financial journey begins here – informed, confident, and tailored to your unique circumstances.

Housing Levy Deemed Unconstitutional by High Court

The High Court of Kenya has unanimously declared the proposed Housing Levy unconstitutional. The three-judge bench ruled that the levy, which was imposed on salaried workers in the formal sector to fund affordable housing initiatives, is discriminatory and violates Article 27 of the Constitution, which guarantees freedom from discrimination.

Balancing Property Rights, Public Interest, and Legal Principles in Kenya: The EAPC PLC Case

Kenya's EAPC Plc case embodies the intricate interplay of property rights, public interest, and legal principles. As we navigate this complex terrain, understanding the government's role, the importance of legal obligations, and the critical balancing act in land acquisition becomes paramount. It's not just about property; it's about equitable and sustainable development in Kenya.

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