Unlock Your Dream Home Today: Mortgage Refinance & Its Correlation With Affordable Housing

We would like to begin this article by letting you know that we had the honour of speaking with one of the most brilliant minds in the country. Many amazing individuals have graced the globe, but few are quite as exceptional as Mr. Johnstone Oltetia, the CEO & Managing Director at the Kenya Mortgage Refinance Company (KMRC). He is a great leader, very knowledgeable, and experienced. His dedication and commitment to the affordable housing agenda is also commendable.

With more people seeking to buy their first homes, KMRC has been a big topic in terms of financing options. However, ever since its launch, many first-time homebuyers are not certain if they qualify for loans backed by KMRC (referred to in this article as KMRC Loans) or what their options are. With the aim of making homebuyers understand mortgage refinance better and its correlation with affordable housing, we sat down with Mr. Oltetia who provided in-depth insights on the mortgage refinancing landscape, and practical advice to help homebuyers secure KMRC Loans and navigate the mortgage process with confidence.

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